2013 mustang panhard bar

To correct this, we have a variety of different Mustang adjustable pan hard bars. These bars can adjust left or right so that you can re-center your S rear. A panhard bar, also known as a panhard rod, track rod, or track bar, is a stabilizing unit designed to reduce the side-to-side roll of a vehicle. It stabilizes. Fits – Mustang. Also for use on NASA AI and AIX class S Mustangs; Allows adjustment to the rear suspension vs the factory non-adjustable bar.

Looking for the best in Mustang Panhard Bars for your S? Look no further than the experts at Steeda to help make your dream Ford a reality. SPC aluminum panhard bars provide weight savings and adjustability! Manufactured from heat-treated aircraft grade aluminum, precision TIG welded, and then black. The panhard bar controls the side to side movement of the rear end under the vehicle. Flex and bushing deflection found with the factory panhard bar leads.

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